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Gradient Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Sets

$21.62 $31.80

1. Elegant design: This bathroom accessories set will elevate your bathroom decoration to a new level of fashion, which is very amazing and brings extra elegance to the bathroom, which is very suitable as a housewarming or wedding gift
2. A complete set of functions: a complete set of bathroom accessories, which can meet everything you need to organize your toiletries. There are 3 holes with holes in the toothbrush holder, 2 small holes for you to hold the toothbrush, and 1 large hole for delicate toothpaste, so you can brush your teeth at once
3. Durable and amazing quality: This six-piece bathroom accessory set is made of durable high-temperature ceramics and has a longer service life than similar products. Our high-quality ceramic bathroom accessories can be used for a long time, keeping their appearance elegant and novel over time.
4. High-quality soap dispenser pumps: We know that it can be frustrating to use a fragile pump that leaks or does not work at all. Regardless of your bathroom settings, a bad water pump will ruin the experience. That's why we include a hard plastic pump for soap dispenser in this kit
5. Bathroom accessories are equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser, toothbrush holder, toothbrush cup, soapbox, tray
6. The toothbrush holder can store 4 toothbrushes, a mouthwash cup, rinse or store makeup brushes, tweezers, and razors.
7. The bathroom accessory kit is made of fashionable and colorful high-grade ceramics, which can bring the exquisite design to the bathroom.
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Ceramic