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Handmade Modern Ceramic - Art Zen Vase

$39.46 $54.56

Our extravagant Handmade Ceramic Vase is truly one of a kind, Its beauty, and unique shape will impress family or friends. The design is based on the Nordic style that is used to describe Scandinavian-style architecture, fashion, art, and design

Infuse your home with this simple yet aesthetic piece of a handmade ceramic vase. The colours of these vases will seamlessly fit in with the other furnishings in your home.

impression - You can fill up these vases with artificial or real plants to beautify your interior space that will leave a remarkable impression on your guests. 

 Variety - These finish Minimalist Ceramic Vases come in two charming colors and 5 size options for you to choose from as per your personal preference it's what your home is missing.

Material: Ceramic & Porcelain
Vase1: Height38cm/14.96inchWidth8cm/3.15inch
Vase2: Height17cm/6.69inchWidth14cm/5.51inch
Vase3: Height32cm/12.6inchWidth12cm/4.72inch
Vase4: Height25cm/9.84inchWidth8cm/3.15inch
Vase5: Height46cm/18.11inchWidth9cm/3.54inch