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Marble Ceramic Flower Pots

$35.56 $50.80

These adorable porcelain flower pots will instantly add a modern touch to your home. The marble pattern and gold inlay are the perfect combination for achieving a luxurious and elegant look. Best suitable for succulents such as cacti - the tenacious plants that symbolize endurance and timeless love. These pots will make a beautiful home for your favorite plant.

  • High-quality ceramic, marble pattern with gold plated edge.

  • Trendy Decorations: These aesthetic small flower pots are one of a kind, they are niche and elegant, put them on your dinner tables, this amazing house decor becomes the decorative centerpiece for your dining room table decorations centerpieces. 

  • Multi-function - These cute plant pots are great floral decorative pots for any house and apartment.


Small - Pot Height: 2” / 5.5cm, Diameter: 3” / 8cm, Total Height: 5" / 12.5cm
Medium - Pot Height: 3” / 7.5cm, Diameter: 3” / 8cm, Total Height: 5.5” / 14.5cm
Large - Pot Height: 4” / 9.5cm, Diameter: 3” / 8cm, Total Height: 6” / 16.5cm


Plant not included
The diameter for all pots is the same