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Minimalist Abstract Canvas

$47.99 $81.36

Looking for something to liven up that plain wall in your living room, bedroom, or office? Our hand-painted watercolor abstract canvas painting gives a unique and minimalist vibe to any space. It shows off a beautiful mixture of calm colors that give you a feeling of peace and harmony. The pitch-black background helps make the colors pop out. Simple, elegant, and stylish! 

  • Made from high-quality cotton canvas
  • Waterproof ink
  • Smooth surface
  • Unframed, ships rolled. To save your shipping cost and avoid the frame damaged during the shipping
  • Square shape
  • Available in three (3) designs

Product Dimensions

  • 7.8 in (W) x 7.8 in (H)
  • 11.8 in (W) x 11.8in (H)
  • 13.7in (W) x 13.7in (H) 
  • 15.7in (W) x 15.7in (H)
  • 19.6in (W) x 19.6in (H)
  • 23.6in (W) x 23.6in (H)