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Wooden Kitchen Spatula Set

$19.99 $43.68


Material: Wood
Feature: Eco-Friendly

-- large wooden spatula: 34 cm/13.38inch
-- drain shovel: 31 cm/12.2inch
-- medium shovel: 28 cm/11.0inch
-- small shovel: 23 cm/9.0inch
-- spatula: 28 cm/11.0inch


1. These wood spurtles have great durability. They are resistant to moisture and wear, so can be used daily to prepare your favorite recipes. Being non-stick, they are easily cleaned.

2. The wooden spurtle set is designed with rounded edges and no shafts or sharp parts, avoiding scratching your pots and pans when cooking. They are an ideal option for use with non-stick or Teflon pans, protecting your cookware and increasing its durability.

3. Nonstick and smooth enough, simply wash these wood cooking utensils with flow water and mild detergent, dishwasher is available too.

4. Well made and exquisite packaging, these wooden cooking tools will be a decent gift for your friend or family who loves cooking on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, May Day, and so on.